Our History

Our History:

One of our Original Coaches

One of our Original Coaches

B&W Charters was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1983 by Paul Best and Gene Wright. The original goal was to provide exclusive top quality and personalized motorcoach charter service to the Kalamazoo area. Today the company continues to be headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan with expanded service to include all of southwestern Michigan and beyond.

Our Employees:

B&W Charters is managed and staffed by professional, well-trained, conscientious employees. Each associate shares company values and is committed to service excellence. All drivers are scheduled for refresher training and safety seminars with our safety director throughout the year. Wherein safe operating practices are enhanced and updated. In addition to this, all drivers are subject to scheduled ride and road checks of their performance. These ride checks are then reviewed afterwards with the operator, visiting any errors and reinforcing professional, safe driving habits. All drivers are also subject to federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing on a non-suspicion based random basis.

Our Motto:

“For Motorcoach Charters and Tours . . . B&W, the Best Service for the Wright Charter”Consistent with the names of the company founders